ePortfolio on blockchain

I am a practitioner & I want an ePortfolio where I retain ownership & control of my content.

Jotminder gives you control over where your content is stored & gives you the opportunity to sell access to it for researchers.


  • You decide what storage services to use
  • Your content is encrypted
  • There’s no single point of failure
  • You don’t pay for jotminder
  • Personal identifying information can be automatically redacted
  • You can sell access to your content for research

How does it work?

Jotminder uses a decentralised database called a blockchain. A blockchain is literally a chain of blocks that exists across multiple servers: hence “decentralised”. The blocks are linked together using cryptographic technology that secures the data and makes it impossible for the data to be changed.

The Jotminder blockchain provides the hooks and you use conventional cloud storage like google drive, dropbox, etc., for your content which Jotminder encrypts on the fly as you store it.

Although Jotminder can be used simply as a private ePortfolio, it also let’s you share & even sell access to your content with researchers, writers & academics. GDPR compliance is baked in to Jotminder at two levels: on the fly encryption of content at the point it is stored, & automatic redaction of personally identifiable information at the point content is published.